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Reflections about bad and good, light and dark, about a temptation and healing, for certain, are inherent in much. But someone shares the ideas only with close people, and for someone it is important to speak about these important things with many.

Pupils of our grammar school (Gymnasia №1 Zhodino), incorporated by character of the sights, have rallied in the true theatrical company. In the is musical-plastic print created by them in four parts "Temptation", language of dance, under music of the advanced directions, the eternal, ancient history has been shown.

Only for January the mini-performance which has been thought up from a prologue up to the ending by children by means of project head Svetlana Apanasevich, has been shown four times.

More detailed information is in our blog "Temptation"

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1 Liza   [Entry]
My point is that temptation is the topic which is up-to-date. This composition illustrates the Bible. The topic is Jesus’s temptation in the desert. The same about us we are not different, we want money, power, perfect figure and expensive cloth. We suffered as he was tempted this way Jesus can help any tempted man. It is your choice.
We live once on the Earth and we will pay for everything we have done. We sacrify our love, family, health and your soul. Make your choice the eternal or the temporary…?

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