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Civil forum

The republican public youth organisation «Civil forum» (Belorus Рэспубліканская грамадская моладзевая арганізацыя "Gramadzjansk_ a forum", English Liberal Youth Organization "Civil Forum", it. Republikanische Unstaatliche Organisation "Das Bürgerforum”, the Swede. Liberal Ungdomsorganisation "Civil Forum") is the Belarusian registered independent youth organisation serving a platform for self-realisation and dialogue of the Belarusian youth.

The republican public youth organisation «Civil forum» (РОМО «the Civil forum») represents the independent organisation based at voluntary union of citizens for joint implementation of civil, social, cultural and other rights.

The member of the organisation can become the citizen at the age from 16 to 31 years, living in Belorus which divides its purposes, recognizes the program and performs demands of its Charter. Also the citizen who are not of age can become an organisation member from the written permission of parents or legal authority of power.
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