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Title of our project: THE WAY WE LIVE



School: Primary school France Prešeren Kranj

Grade: 9th


 In Slovenia the children visit primary school nine years. The school activities start in the morning. In our town the students normally get up at seven o'clock. Our school starts at 8 am, but some pupils have additional classes at 7 am. A half of the children in our school live in Kranj and half of them are from village named Kokrica. Kokrica is 2 km away from Kranj, so kids from Kokrica must take a bus. We spend about 6 hours in school and after that we go home, to do our homework and after that our free time begins. We finish school at 2 p.m. In our free time we play sports, we go to music school, we are on facebook and stuff like that. Some kids are very busy with their hobbies, so they don't have a lot of free time to go to the cinema or to visit their friends. The most popular sport in our generation is volleyball. We all enjoy to play it. And football is a popular sport, too - girls love it, too. We love to be on the internet - we use facebook, skype, tumblr… We have our own group on Facebook, where we help each other, give some advice, laugh together… Two or three pupils go to music school. I think that we are good pupils in our grade and we also help at home to our parents. In our country almost all families have a pet. The most popular pets in our town are dogs. Many pupils love weekends. They go to some trips with their families or they meet their friends. We have to study a lot, too, so weekends go past very quickly.


We have a lot of subjects. In 9th grade we have 11-12 subjects on our school timetable. Some of them are English, Biology, Maths, Slovene, History, Physical Education. We also additional subjects and each pupil has to choose max 3 subjects, that he want to attend. For each subject we have a different teacher. All teachers are nice, but some of them are very boring. We move from one classroom to another for different subjects. Normally there are 20-25 pupils in the class. We don't wear uniforms, so we can wear whatever we want. We have breakfast in school at about 9.30 am. We have lunch too, but you must tell secretary that you want to have lunch in the school. A lot of kids enjoy at school very much, but some of them don't like to go to school. Our grade love to go to school, because it is the last year at this school. Next year we're going to the secondary school so we want to enjoy all the time of this last year. Through all the school year we have special days - sport days, cultural days… We have some school trips, too. We go to watch some concerts, performances and sometimes we go to the cinema. We have 2 types of holidays. First type of holidays takes one week in November - it has a funny name - Potato holidays, in December - Christmas holidays, in February - Winter holidays (we go skiing with our families) and in May - we call it just holidays. Second type of holidays is from 24th June to the end of August. These are Summer Holidays.


I wake up at 7:00 a.m.I start school at 8:00 a.m.  and it takes  me 10 minutes  walk to get there. I do not have too much free time , but in this I got I watch TV , surf the  internet or read a book. The sport I play is handball and my hobbies are music, shopping and photos.After school  I help around the house. My main meal of the day is lunch and I usually eat something consistent .My family has 3 members and I have 2 birds.


We start school at 8:00 andI finish it at 14:00. I stay at 10 minutes walk from there.We have different teachers at every subject and all day long we stay in the same classroom.In our classroom there are 25 children of which 12 are boys and 13 girls. We have to wear a brick-colored  uniform that we wear at special occasions. Kids like to go to school because there they found a pleasant and learning atmosphere.