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Project Idea Template


Learning Circle Group: CCM2

Sponsoring Teacher: Mendy Kanu

Sponsor School: Empowering Children/Youth School

City: Freetown

Country: Sierra Leone

Name of Project: One Voice Media Project

Goal of The Project: One Voice Media Project is a project that would connect youth, Students and teachers to learn about different cultures through media at other's countries in a friendly atmosphere. They will be able to exchange ideas, thoughts, videos, Music..Etc so to have a community on the net full of different countries, ideas, cultures, with one aim which is to connect people all around the world with mutual respect through media.

Type Of Writing Requested: word Doc, videos, photos and Music.

Description Of What You Are Looking For From Other Schools:

 A file of music world doc, photos also a video Link.

Detailed Instructions For Collecting Information:

Ideal Number of Submissions from Each School:

1 or 2

Preferred Length Of Articles:

1 or 2 pages, word docs.

One voice media project link