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The term "socialization" is used for the description of process, during which and by means of which people are trained to adapt to social norms{rates}, i.e. the processes, making it possible to continue the development if a society and to transfer of its culture from generation to generation.

Process of socialization begins with infantile years, the period of the childhood and the youth during the socialization plays the most important role, at this age the basic knowledge of norms of behaviour in a society are pawned.

From skill to direct the activity in leisure-times on achievement of the purposes, self-realization, development and perfection of the abilities, in many respects the social state of health of the young man, his satisfaction with the free time depends. Leisure for the young man turns to a way of life.

Forms of the organization of leisure can become clubs on interests and amateur associations which task is realization of developing programs for youth.

 Sociological interrogation

 According to a department of statistics of the Executive Committee of  Zhodino Soviet of People's Deputies for January, 2012 there are  61 797 citizens, from them youth in the age of from 14 years up to 31 years contain 19 582 persons.

When preparing the work, we have lead sociological interrogation among pupils of « Grammar schools №1 Zhodino», in the age of from 14 till 17 years, in quantity of 100 persons.

1) Do you attend any organizations?


2) What organizations do you know?


3) How do you spend your free time?


4) Do you think what the youth organizations are necessary for?


5) Do the organizations influence the formation of your character?

6) Do the organizations influence the process of studying?


7) What can the youth organizations offer the teenagers?


8) What is the role of the youth organizations in the process of forming a personality?



Conclusion of sociological question:


The majority of teenagers does not consist in the organizations, but knows about their existence. The most widespread organization is БРСМ, on the second place is БМООСП.

At leisure 40 % of teenagers study and go in for sports, the others sit at a computer or the TV, senselessly walk on the streets instead of cheerfully spending time in any youth organization, to develop the abilities, to get acquainted with new people or simply to organize the leisure.

The majority of teenagers consider, that the youth organizations positively influence the formation of character, the opinion about study was divided: 39 % of teenagers have answered, that clubs and the organizations influence negatively (since there is no time for doing homework), 34 % - it is positive (acquire new knowledge, skills, appears activity).

47 % of respondents consider, that the youth organizations allow teenagers to develop and realize themselves.


The youth of our city is well informed on existence and activity of БРСМ, but it is impossible to tell the same about other youth organizations, establishments and clubs.

Not all teenagers can correctly organize the leisure.

The organization of the youth centers and clubs is the effective form of socialization of teenagers as satisfies many requirements: requirement for rest; requirement for an all-around development, for dialogue; requirement for independence, self-realization and creativity.

During sociological question we have found out, what not all teenagers can correctly organize the leisure. Therefore the youth organization is that place where it is possible to realize the creative ideas, to become more allocated of the general crowd of contemporaries. Communicating with the people having interests similar to you, you start to feel more confidently, you get new friends. All it strongly influences the formation of a character.