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The Belarus youth public organisation of rescuers-firemen

The Belarus youth public  organisation of rescuers-firemen is the independent, voluntary, youth, public association focused on universal values, representing both protecting legitimate interests and the rights of the members, expressing specific interests of the rising generation, providing social formation and youth development.
The purpose: to provide the necessary conditions for training of health and safety, civil and patriotic education of rising generation. Problems:
• Education of children and teenagers of responsibility for preservation of human lives, material and cultural wealth, environment at fires and other dangerous situations; • Increase at children and youth of spiritually-moral, creative potential, intellectual level of civilisation and patriotism formation;
• Formation at rising generation the skills of correct actions in case of occurrence of fires and other emergency situations;
• Increase of prestige of fire salvage and rescue service and popularisation of a trade of a rescuer-fireman;
• Attraction of attention of the parental, pedagogical and creative public to a problem of the prevention of destruction and a traumatism of children and teenagers in case of fires and other emergency situations. Motto: "One for everybody and everybody for one" What do we do?
• We study bases of health and safety and trained them others;
• We carry out charitable actions;
• hehealthy way of life is propagandised;
• We go in for sports;
• We find out new talents, we develop creative abilities.
The citizens of Belarus, at the age of 16 foreign citizens and persons without the citizenship, constantly living in Byelorussia, and also the citizens who have not reached the age of 16 years, having the corresponding written permission of the lawful representatives, gravitating to the fire-saving activity, recognising and carrying out its Charter can be members of the organisation. Thus 2/3 members of the organisation shouldn’t be more than 31 years.
Admission to membership of the the Belarus youth public organisation of rescuers-firemen is carried out by the primary organisation, council of regional, city, regional branch or Republican council of organisation on the basis of the written statement. The statement of the entering is considered by the organisation within a month from the date of giving. The decision on organisation admission to membership is considered to be accepted if for it has voted more than half of members of the primary organisation or members of corresponding council from the number of present on meeting, session.
For realisation of given purposes the organisation together with the Ministry of Emergency Measures and the Ministry of Education organises a number of actions. Some of them are traditional and are spent annually.
Within a year members of the organisation spend days of safety, various competitions and quizes concerning safe ability to live, tent small towns, work in recreation camps and other actions on which safety issues of ability to live are studied and are fulfilled skills of safe behaviour and correct actions at occurrence of emergency situations. The charitable actions developing in children feeling of compassion and mutual aid are carried out. - Official site the Belarus youth public organisation of rescuers-firemen Emblem the Belarus youth public organisation of rescuers-firemen. – официальный сайт БМООСП.