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Young front
 «Young Front» (it is white. Front Malady), the international youth movement of the Belarus youth. Is the largest youth democratic organisation of Belarus.
The purposes of Young Front are association and education of youth of the Belarus national idea, Christian Democrat principles, construction of civil community on basic principles of democracy and free market, assistance in formation of spiritual and physically strong generation.
The primary goals of Young Front are: revealing and promotion of realisation of the public and creative initiative among youth, mass agitation activity on revival of the Belarusian school, culture, language, formation of responsibility for destiny of the Fatherland.
The young Front has in the numbers of about 1000-1500 active workers united in Regional and Regional Are glad МФ. The Supreme body is the Congress which gathers not less often than once in two years. Between congresses the organisation Sojm and the Justice of Young Front operates.
The young Front is the pert of the political youth international organisations, such as European Democrat Students (EDS, in Russian: the European Democratic Students) and Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP, рус. The youth of the European People party), has partner relationships with the related organisations of Ukraine, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and other countries.
Following the results of active and successful activity in 1999 «the Young Front» has a rating of popularity among youth - 10,8 %, conceding only proimperious БПСМ (48,3 %) and БСМ (25 %). the official site

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