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Knightly club


  Each person, going to any organization, searches, thus, for the method of self-expression. Someone takes a great interest in fighting art, and someone - legends of olden time. In the organization under the name « Knightly club » teenagers put the main task - a way of self-expression.

  « The knightly club » has been established in October, 2001 by the teacher of 6-th school Korolyov Anatoly. Special criteria of reception in the organization, but there is a wish to teenager not to be less than 14 years. Children gather for days off (since the majority still goes to school) more often, and start to make clothes in style of XIII-XV centuries. Guys make chain armours, girls sew dresses. It would Seem, what for to waste time on creation of any strange things, in fact, in opinion of many anywhere you will not dress. But « Knightly clubs » exist on all republic and periodically they hold festivals.

  Interview to one of members of knightly club, Avilov Artyom.

- How long have you been a member of "Knightly club”?

- For a year.

- Why do you decide to go to this club?

-I was very interested in «Zolak», as I am interested in history, and the similar club is not present in city.

- What is an essence of knightly club?

- The essence of our club consists in restoration the culture of XIV-XV centuries.

- Where did you participate and what successes have you achieved?

- We were abroad, for example in Poland much and participated in competition on a rank of "National club”.

- How many persons are there in « Knightly club »?

- There are 15 persons in our group.

- Where and when there are your assemblies?

- We gather in the house of culture on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

- Are you going to connect your future with «Zolak»?

- I would like it very much, but, unfortunately, I don't have much spare time.

Knightly club