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school (School nr.17) is located in Botosani, NE part of Romania

    Our school is an European school and it has been awarded the green flag twice.


Here’s our insignia, which reads: European children, wisdom, non-violence and tolerance.


      Use these links to see films representing various traditions.

Winter traditions-festival-Botosani-part 1

Winter traditions -festival- Botosani - part 2


(every village presents  one particular kind of dance, associated with incredible costumes, including traditional folk costumes, which are used for Xmas and  New Year’s Eve)

     Watch this if you want to see some delicious Romanian dishes. Many of the dishes have no translation, but you can infer what they are about from the photos.

*      As far as our  music goes, here you can listen to some traditional music (with traditional dances)- sarba, Hora,  Romanian carols-sung by one of our greatest carol singers , Stefan Hrusca (he’s not from our region, but everyone listens to his carols).

         Modern pop music artists include: Smiley, Simplu, Antonia, Dan Balan, Paula Seling - Eurovision, Ozone, Madalina Manole,  Andra

     Botosani is the birth place of our national poet, Mihai Eminescu, one of the biggest historical figures of the last few centuries, Nicolae Iorga, one of the nation’s greatest composers , George Enescu and a famous painter , Stefan Luchian

Here are two of Enescu’s most well-known works