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The pioneer organization of Socialist Republic of Romania

 The pioneer organization of Socialist Republic of Romania  was established on April, 30th, 1949. It unites more than 2 million 70 thousand schoolboys in the age of from 7 till 14 years.

The management of the pioneer organization from the moment of its foundation was carried out by the Union of communistic youth. In 1966 according to the decision of Central Committee RKP reorganization has been made. Questions of a technique and the maintenance of pioneer work have been transferred in conducting of the Ministry of Public Education. To achers of schools have given ranks  of  «the instructor of pioneers » have been given the management of pioneer groups.

Organizational structure: a team, group, a part on the basis of schools. Totally in the country there are 14 thousand teams.

The supreme body of the pioneer organization is the conference, which takes place once in five years.

The basic accent in activity of the pioneer organization of Romania is made on « education of pioneers by work and for work ». Pioneers of Romania take active participation in gardening cities and villages, in gathering scrap metal, paper for recycling, empties, herbs, work in cooperative societies and at the agricultural enterprises, help with harvesting.

In Romania act about 250 Houses of pioneers.

 Liberal youth for the World

 The liberal youth for the World is the youth nongovernmental organization, noncommercial movement. It has been established in 2002 by group of the young men, ready to join in promotion the ideals of mutual understanding and tolerance between people. Till 2001 it acted under the name «The Youth movement for peace» .The organization promotes formation of peace and tolerance, mutual understanding between people and development of a civil society.

The purpose of the organization is peaceful co-existence of various cultures, developments of a civil society on the basis of human rights and freedom of worship, struggle against racism, nationalism, fascism and any other kind of discrimination.