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Teh title of our project is 'THE WAY WE LIVE'



School: Primary school France Prešeren Kranj

Grade: 9th

The aim of the project is to learn about each other's way of life, see different cultures, respect the differences and learn from each other.

We would like you to write about three things:

-          The  way we live (in general)

-          The way of life at your school

-          Your own way of life

Here are some ideas what you can write about (what we are interested in) but feel free to include everything you think is interesting, important, special, unusual, … anything you think we should know to get to know you.

1.THE WAY OF LIFE – A GENERAL DESCRIPTION – what is common, what is not… Describe an ordinary day (during the week and at the weekend).

-          When do you get up?

-          When do you start / finish school?

-          How do you go to school? How long does it take you? How far from school do you live?

-          What do you do after school?

-          How much free time do you have? What do you do in your free time?

-          Do you play sports? What sports are the most popular?

-          Do you play musical instruments? What instruments are the most popular?

-          What are your hobbies?

-          Do you have to help at home or work after school? What do you do?

-          Where, when and what do you usually eat? What's the main meal of the day? When is it?...

-          How many people are there in a common family?

-          Do you have pets? What pets?

-          ...

2.OUR SCHOOL – Since school is an important part in our lives, as kids spend quite some time there, we would like to know WHAT LIFE IS LIKE AT YOUR SCHOOL.

-          When do you start /finish school?

-          How do you go to school? How long does it take you? How far from school do you live?

-          What subjects do you have?

-          Do you have different teachers for different subjects?

-          Do you stay in the same classroom all day long or do you change classrooms for different subjects?

-          How many kids are there in your classroom? Are they only boys/girls or both?

-          What are your teachers like?

-          Do you have to wear a uniform? What doe it look like? Is there a dressing code or can you wear whatever you like?

-          Do you have meals at school?

-          What's the atmosphere at school? Do kids like going to school?

-          Do you have special days (sport days, cultural days, school trips…)?

-          When do you have holidays? How long do they last? What do you do during the holidays?


3. According to things stated above (1.and 2.) we would like some students to DESCRIBE THEIR OWN WAY OF LIFE and maybe also SOME REFLECTIONS on it (e.g. what they like / don't like about it, their wishes, vision,…)

Write as many articles as you like but we would like to receive at least on each topic.

Osnovna šola Franceta Prešerna Kranj, Slovenia