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  The basic occupation of the organization is the organization of leisure of the youth and also development of the program of the healthy way of life.

  The organization state financial support goes from the state.  

  The center of БРСМ is in our city, the address is: 40 years of October 35, 40. ph. 3-80-03. At ГК ОО «БРСМ» groups and clubs are created. Activity of the group "Mercy" is directed on rendering assistance to older persons, veterans of the Second World War and work, children-invalids, the school and animals. In the past yearn the members of БРСМ collected gifts for children-orphans and have lead a New Year concert in children's home. The staff "Entrant" is created for orientation of the youth to professional self-determination at an early stage. Members of БРСМ spend various actions: « We are for cleanliness of native lend », « Stop to AIDS », « We are citizens of Belarus ».Various competitions are spent: competition of creative works of the young journalists and press photographers «Native Blue-eyed Young Belarus», « the Bastion of courage ». During the summer vacations together with a department on affairs of youth work camp movements will be organized.

  Interview to Kramskoj Tatyana Aleksandrovnoj:

- How many years have you been working in БРСМ?

- I’ve been working for 2 years, but before I worked at a female grammar school and supervised primary organization of БРСМ.

- What criteria for employment?

- The person should be active, initiative and bring various ideas.

- And are there any criteria for interested persons to become the member of БРСМ?

- No. All interested persons can enter the organization, but it is better, if it they are active people who are not consisting on the account on affairs of minors.

- How do you involve youth in the organization?  

- At each school there are primary organizations, their secretary and they are engaged in attraction of teenagers in БРСМ. They arrange actions, explaining the opportunities of members of БРСМ.