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The Belarusian republican union of youth

The public association "Belarus republican union of youth" is the assignee of Komsomol of Belarus, the Union of youth of Belarus, the Belarusian patriotic union of youth, the Belarus union of youth. The decision on its creation was accepted on September, 6th, 2002 at unifying congress.

Any citizen of Belorus, the person without citizenship, and also the foreign citizens constantly living in Belorus, at the age from 14 to 31 years recognising the Charter and program documents  "Belarus republican union of youth"can be a  member  of "Belarus republican union of youth"

The  purpose of the public association is the creation of conditions for all-around development of youth, disclosing of its creative potential, assistance in developing in Byelorussia the civil society based on patriotic and spiritually-moral values. The Belarus republican union of youth unites in the numbers not indifferent people, those who wants to be useful  and who is ready to apply their abilities and to use the abilities to make the own life and life of the contemporaries more interest.

Each of us has ideas, plans, creative plans. To realise them it is possible with the accomplices. Each young man should have possibility to be heard, to discuss questions which excite him, with other interested people (contemporaries, representatives of the senior generation, experts, representatives of the power) to learn that it can make for the decision of existing problems, and also to get support of the further actions. "Belarus republican union of youth" at present is unified youth union. Working in it, we act not only as inhabitants of the city, pupils of the school, but also as representatives of the Belarus youth. We feel ourselves as a part of our Native land, a part of Belorus.

  Leading lines of activity of our organisation are patriotic education of youth, sports and cultural-mass work. The main task, the purpose which we see ahead - inculcation of youth of love to Belarus, formation of it steady desire to promote its prosperity. Our organisation includes in a complex of problems of patriotic education: formation of respectful attitude to the symbols of the sovereignty of the people and the state - to National flag, the arms, a hymn, pride for education in the country and readiness to perform a social role of the citizen of Belorus.

    The Belarus republican union of youth takes the most active part in youth leisure, various projects and programs of our youth union are directed: for meetings, seminars, quizes, actions, marathons, subotniks, competitions, etc.

Our mass-media:

·    A youth Banner

·    Zorka

·    Awkward age

·   Pilot FM - official site "Belarus republican union of youth".
 Emblem  "Belarus republican union of youth"