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Leaders of Tomorrow

Youth Organization, Jordan

  Leaders of Tomorrow | قادة الغد builds the capacity of young people and promotes social cohesion among youth. In addressing social development issues in the Middle Eastern and North African region, Leaders of Tomorrow empowers youth to become well-rounded, socially responsible citizens.

  ABOUT their WORK

Their work is founded on five pillars: Society, Culture, Knowledge, Environment and Health – that carry the weight of their work on youth empowerment and social development in the Middle East and North Africa.

   On Society

Leaders of Tomorrow | قادة الغد enables youth to work on their own society and communities that they are part of. Young people are often socially excluded and feel alienated from the society they take part in. Their activities attempt to address this by dealing with socio-cultural and politically sensitive topics: concepts that stir distrust and are often not openly discussed. Through carefully structured debates, trainings and meetings my NGO brings such sensitivities into the public sphere to create understanding for cultural diversity and build socially cohesive communities.

  On Culture

Leaders of Tomorrow | قادة الغد promotes the respect for your own and others cultural traditions and practices. They focus on cultural exchanges and intercultural dialogue among youth, and ensure sociocultural exposure across geographical locations and social groups: this is done locally, within Jordan, regionally across the Middle East and North Africa, and internationally, with the US and countries in Europe.

  On Knowledge

Leaders of Tomorrow | قادة الغد aims to contribute to building a knowledge society where youth are critically engaged in academic research and work out innovative ideas through conferences and workshops. Their research team conducts surveys and polls, and ensures the free flow of valuable information by sharing a large database with detailed information on scholarships, fellowships, conferences, competitions, volunteer and job opportunities.

  On Environment

Leaders of Tomorrow | قادة الغد is mindful toward the environment we live in. Global and regional challenges including water scarcity, lower precipitation levels, low fossil fuels and air/land pollution are concerns the younger generations have to respond to. In their work they make youth aware of environmental issues and become active agents to support the environment we are part of.

  On Health

Leaders of Tomorrow | قادة الغد promotes open discussions on health and gender issues and inform youth with reliable information about youth-related health issues that can help address socio-cultural taboos and stigmas.