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  Unlike all previous organizations «Guides» accept only girls and women, but it doesn't display feminism. Guiding is something like scouts, only for girls.

  In Zhodino the organization has appeared in 1998 under the leading of Muzychenko Lyudmila (at 8-th school). At our school the guides movement has appeared in 2000 under the leadership of Suhanova Alla.

  At acceptance in the organization the girl swears: 1) always help other people; 2) to care the Native land; 3) to carry out laws guides:       

  •   The Word of guide should be reliable;
  •   Guide is consecutive in the affairs and acts;  
  •   Guide tries to be useful and always help anyone;
  •   Guide is a girlfriend to all people and a sister of all guides;
  •   Guide is always polite;
  •   Guide is a friend to animals also preserves the nature;
  •   Guide is able to subordinate her own interests to the interests of the organization;
  •   Guide smiles, always keeps feeling of optimism;
  •   Guide is economical, but not avaricious;
  •   Guide is noble in thoughts, words and affairs.

  There is a special uniform of guides: a green shirt and a tie. The kind of ties depends on the age: green-yellow for kids, violet-yellow - till 15 years, violet-white - 15 - 18 years, and for the heads - a violet-orange tie.

  On  their meetings girls write articles to a magazine " Guiding ", discuss their interesting questions, arrange training campaigns in hairdressing salons, libraries, study cosmetology and a healthy life-style.

  Girls go on Lake Naroch, to Gomel and to Poland. The basic purpose of these trips is the adaptation to conditions of an environment, skill to live independently. In the given organization «Guides» there is a distribution of permits in our national camp «Zubrjonok».

  Interview to the head of club "Guides" at  the eighth school Zhilko Lina:  

- How long have you been in «Guides»? 

- I have been working in «Guides» for three years.  

- Where did you go with this organization?

- Every year we go in a camp to Poland, on Lake Naroch.

- Why have you decided to go to this organization?

- I was very interested in this organization; first, there are trips abroad and acquaintance to new people, secondly, it is simply, - pleasant pastime.

- What are the girls engaged in?

- They train various kinds of activities which are necessary for girls, play various games, communicate, etc.

- How many members are there in Zhodino?

-There are nearly 20 members in our city.

- What are the criteria for reception in «Guides»?

-There are no any criteria for reception, only desire.  

Interview to a member of «Guides» Raik Julia:


- How long have you been to this club?

- 3 years.

- What does this club offer you?

- I went in camp to Poland in 2007 and 2005. I got many new friends, also I have learned to adapt to conditions of an environment and had a good time there.

- How you think, why do girls go in «Guides»?

- I think that when girls come to the club «Guides» , new opportunities open before them: they can go abroad, get acquainted with new interesting people. Still girls become more active, liberated, study to overcome excessive shyness, more freely to communicate with people.

The trip in Poland

The emblem of  «Guides»