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The Classroom Survey --Getting to Know You!

Circle Name: ccm2

Class Name: France Prešeren Primary School Kranj, Slovenia


A. Name of teacher: Marjana Sitar

B. Grade level:  grade 9 , level 3

C. Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):

1. Music groups: Adele, Siddharta (Slovenian rock group), LMFAO

2. Authors: Jaqueline Willson, Richelle Mead

3. TV programs: NCIS, Mithbusters

4. Foods: pancakes, pizza, ice-cream

5. School subjects: PE, Art, English

6. Sports: swimming, volleyball, cycling

7. Video or computer games: SIMS3, Starcraft2

8.  Favorite Websites: Facebook, Youtube, Skype

9. Other Class Favorites of your choice:


A. School information

1. Name and address of class and school

  France Prešeren Primary School Kranj, Kidričeva 49, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia

   Grade 9, level 3 at English -(supposed to be)very good at English J

 2. Number of students in class and school

 17 in the group, about 630 at the whole school

 3. Size of school (very long – about 80m, 2 floors)

4. School emblem: The stylized face of France Prešeren, our greatest poet, born in 1800

5. Type and number of computers: mostly Intel Core 2 duo, about 150 computers, there are two computer rooms one with 35, the other with 15 computers. Each classroom and office has its own computer.

6. School history

There used to be a school with the same name in a different location, but our school was built in 1968.

B. School program

1. List 3 things about your school program that make it unique.

- In 8th and 9th grade pupils attend the lessons of Slovene, Maths and English on three different levels according to their pre-knowledge and abilities. They cover the same topics but in a bit different ways. So 1st level would work on basic knowledge and a lot of exercises and revision, while 3rd level do extra and more complex things.

2. List school calendar from the session dates (holidays and special events that may affect your participation).

- autumn holidays:  October 30th - November 6th

- Christmas / New Year holidays:  December 24th  - January 2nd


A. Your community: 

1. Name of your community:  Kranj

2. If not a city, name and size of nearest city: Ljubljana

3. Location of your community: NW of Slovenia, 25 km from the capital, Ljubljana

4. The area of your community: 148km2

5. The population of your community: about 40.000 people

 B. Special characteristics

1. List 3 reasons why people come to visit your area.

- school (secondary, faculty), work

-tourism (downtown, hills around Kranj, archaeology,...)

- culture (theatre, museums, galleries, concerts, cinema,...)

- sport  (cycling, running, swimming,  ski jumping, skiing,...)

- shopping