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Youth Organization 


The National youth service had been created in 1964 with a view of struggle against unemployment among youth by the government. Originally it united basically graduates of schools who received vocational training in this organization, seized necessary labour skills. They were trained in engineering and building trades, the electrical engineering, driving the cars, sewing business, typewriting, office-work, etc. (only 24 kinds of activity). In 1984 the government has made a decision to enlist within the limits of service as well graduates of the schools which passed examinations and have entered higher educational institutions. Before  the beginning of employment they should have 14-week preparation.

The organization is constructed on half-military example: its members live in camps on self-maintenance, wear the special form, are subordinated to strict discipline, used for prompting a public order. The youth builds roads, channels, dams, runways, are engaged in agricultural work.

In 1988 the budget of the organization has made 903,4 million kenyan shillings from which 342,4 mln. contain operational expenditure and 561 mln. are the funds of development.

In 1986 7,5 thousand person worked in service. Conscription of 1800 persons has made, including 300 girls. Since 1964 to 1988 in the organization has served 60 thousand young kenyans.

In Kenya there is also a number of the independent youth organizations: Association of the youth organizations of Kenya, Christian association of young women.