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Temptation … we understand that pushes us on a sin is this word. From the Bible we remember how artful Serpent tempted Eve to break a forbidden fruit - an apple with what sufferings of mankind have all begun. But, drawn a parallel between the bible world and modern, world it is easy to be convinced, that temptations appear at the person continually: money, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, authority, etc.

 Stage « the Temptation authority »

On February, 1st on a stage of the Grammar school №1 for pupils of the senior classes the representation of not absolutely habitual format took place in fourth time. The group of schoolboys was united in creative collective and as a result joint efforts the pantomime on a theme "Temptation" has been prepared. To the unprepared spectator, probably, it was difficult to understand dramatic art as this kind of theatrics does not assume any dialogues between heroes, all emotions are transferred by gestures, a mimicry, plastics. But, nevertheless, the general sense was traced precisely - struggle and rescue of the person from temptations.

The action lasted no more than twenty minutes, the plot represented a number of stages replacing each other: a temptation of the person with money, bad habits, authority. Eventually, the person with improbable efforts is pulled out from tenacious hands of the Devil and thus is cleared, becomes on a just right way.



At a professional level


One of the active participants (as he modestly has presented himself) - Evgenie Melkonjan right after performance has shared the impressions:

- Stepping on stage with an opening address, I always worry. Today it was necessary to speak without a microphone, I have a little become puzzled. But now it is possible to tell: « We have done it!».

- Evgenie, how the idea of this representation was born?

- The project head is Svetlana Apanasevich, the teacher of history and social science in the Grammar school №1. She invited me to participate in the project. The theme has already been worked by her, we with children have decided  "to finish it". The main question which we have tried to open: how the theme of a temptation is shown now, is it actual or not. Each participant has brought some information, the vision of a problem.

- What was the supertask of your performance?

- First of all I must say the performance is serious. Our task was not simple to show, what it is temptation, but to transfer the idea, that the person overcoming in a temptation becomes pure. The cleanliness of a soul presently is especially important. To interpret it from the religious side, the God wishes to help the person to achieve this cleanliness.

- How do you consider, whether you have achieved the tasks, whether the youth have understood the problem?

- Not all, I think. Only those who thought of this, the most conscious young men. There were persons who laughed and it was certainly unpleasant. But in fact it’s impossible to please everyone. Though, I consider, much depends on us, how much we ourselves experienced and understood the theme - all it was reflected on the stage.

Among the children participating in the performance, only three dance on a professional level. Suits, masks, music - everything was selected by ourselves. This amateur troupe will act in a female grammar school, they also have received the invitation in a Catholic temple, and also in Molodechno.

One more sense of the word "temptation" is test. "Skilful” in church-slavic language means - the one who has tested, who really owns craft. The process of melting silver from dirty breed, on Church Slavonic is also called "a temptation”.


Part 1

Two Essences – Light and Dark

The main character iis an ordinary Man. He is joyful, care-free, happy. Everything  inspires him, and he smiles to everything. But gradually something black starts to rise from the darkness …

It expands and imperceptibly covers our character with the black wings. Everything becomes so gloomy, that it is nothing visible around. The character feels, that the Darkness around him is becoming more and dense, wrapping  him up and taking away his last power. The darkness is the Temptation. Everything overturns like in the sand-glass. But, fortunately, our character is in luck: the Miracle has come to help her.

From heaven to her comes an Angel – a small creature, radiating a huge light energy. It wraps  the character up, cures her and helps to stand up. But the Darkness has done its deed: it has divided the character into two Essences – Light and Dark.

Part 2

Fetters of temptations

One would think, thatmoney, is only easytearing scraps of paper and light coins… But if to give it freedom in our hands it entangle us, gradually turning into the Huge Devil. The same thing to happens our character. To be exact to both of her Essences. The fetters of the Devil and  the stupefying aroma of the absolute freedom start to drive her mad  and don’t leave chances to get out of this reserved circle. She is attracted by the brilliance of jewelry and  velvet of clothes, the hot  dance of the spicy girl from the public house …

And for the sake of all these pleasures she falls to legs of the Devil.

Quite differently behaves the second – Light Essence. Yes, it is difficult to resist, but it tries to rescue the opposite Essence. But the enemy is strong. He continues his attacks, and now another temptations – alcohol, drugs appear on the stage …

However the Prayer comes to help, and for a while the characters are rescued again.


Part 3

Curing by light

The darkness is exaggerated. Pain. Fear. Despair. The shroud of the Darkness is the power of temptations. The Dark Essence of the main character doesn’t want to resist the temptations. She takes the false crown from the dark power under the weight of which it is so complicated to resist. But it is so sweet to govern! But it is the Darkness!

And if you take something from it then the payment should be corresponding …

But in some time its false servants start to leave the Darkness. Because the Darkness is only the half of a man.  The other half should come to help. And it will come, if the man really wants it.

Sincere tears, requests of repentance, hands uplifted to the sky …  And the Angel appears again. Both of halves are cured by its light.Thats it. Now they are together again. Forever. And again the man is unseparatable whole. But the man grown wise with experience now. And thinking …

Part 4

The last skirmish

Both character’s Essences have already passed much enough to understand, how to actfurther. But  the last skirmish with the evil is still ahead. Temptations continue their work. They let the character feel the smell of blood, the sensation of death …

But the character is ready to everything now, she knows, that she should struggle. On the opposite side she sees something light which tries to call her up to itself, tries to tell something. « It is necessary to try to burst open to the light », - the idea is rushed past in the head. And the character goes to meet the light. Goes. Falling and rising …

And the miracle happens again. It becomes easy, light and so free … The evil has stepped back, when He approached. The God!

They have won!

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