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Stilyagi - youth subculture in the USSR, received a wide circulation in large Soviet cities from the end 1940 on the beginning of 1960th years, had as the standard mainly American way of life. Dandies the deliberate political apathy, the certain cynicism in judgements, negative (or indifferent) distinguished the attitude to some norms of the Soviet morals.


          The Subculture of dandies was the original spontaneous protest against the stereotypes of behaviour accepted in the Soviet society, and also against uniformity in clothes, in music and in style of a life. Long time (on the middle of 60th) dandies in the Soviet press (and also in moralistic rhetoric of officials and « conscious citizens ») called in general the young men followed fashions and convicted of an immoral way of life.

          There Is an opinion, that the term of "dandy" has come from language of jazzmen, musicians. These young men usually named themselves «shtanniki », that is admirers of the American style in clothes.

          In the first years of existence of the given phenomenon the shape of the dandy was caricature: wide bright trousers, a baggy jacket, a hat with wide fields, inconceivable color socks, a notorious tie « a fire in jungle ».

          Subsequently appearance of the dandy has undergone significant changes: there were the trousers-pipes, shaken up "cook" on a head, an elegant jacket with wide shoulders, a narrow tie - «herring», fastened on tiny unit, a umbrella –walking stick. Actual at dandies were considered a sweater « with deers ».

          As footwear in the environment of dandies low shoes on a thick white rubber sole (so-called "cream of wheat") were welcomed. Bright shirts in « the Hawaiian style » in the summer were popular.

          In the environment of dandies an original luxury goods - trophy lighters and cigarette cases, the American playing cards with half-naked girls, rare at that time pens were popular

          For the girl to pass for the dandy, was bright enough to be painted and carry a hairdress « a nimbus of the world » (around of a head twisted hair and stacked in the form of a wreath). The narrow skirts, fitting a hip were considered as " the Special glamour ».

Hymn of dandies became a song from a film « Serenade the Solar Valley » under the name « the Train to Chattanooga »:

                    « Pardon me, boy

                    Is that the Chattanooga Choo-Choo

                    Track twenty nine,

                    Boy, you can give me a shine »

MAde by Alexandra Malahova


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