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Emo - has occurred from a word "emotional". It is subculture also as well as the subculture of Gotha has occurred from punks. Right at the beginning in 1985 when this subculture some groups only arose have started to play the strange music a little bit not similar on the usual then punk. A basis of their tracks became a melodious vocal. This emotional and lyrical vocal became a basis of a musical direction. Emo, as well as any other musical style, changed and developed. At this stage there were various kinds of emo-style and it is the first wave emo.


Also as well as at any other subcultures based on music, representatives of subculture emo differ world outlook standards and external a kind. Outlook of subculture emo directed on sensations and emotion of the person and display of these emotions in the clothes, appearance, behavior and certainly music. The basic emotions are: grief, melancholy and love. In texts of songs depression, loneliness, melancholy, a rage and feeling of isolation from all worlds around is a question basically of such feelings, as confusion.

Representatives of subculture emo it is frequent associates with tearful teenagers who constantly cry. This association has appeared because of their appearance and behaviour, hairdresses, clothes, a make-up and statements. Clothes emo, things in black-pink scale at which there are various bandages on hands, belts with metal rivets, and also various badges. Hairdresses at emo the diversified - but basically thick the painted in black and pink color of a bang which cover one eye and half of forehead.

Made by Irina Gorelik

(Gymnasia  №1 ) 

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