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 Hippie - philosophy and the subculture which has initially arisen in 1960th years in the USA.

I have from apart shown them as it is necessary, a sign "Victoria" (type, we shall win!) - two fingers representing the latin letter «V». This sign on hippie welcomed each other and so each other learned.




Blossoming of movement has fallen to the end 1960 - the beginning of 1970th years. The ideology consists that originally the hippie protested against Puritan morals of some Protestant churches, and also propagandized aspiration to return to natural cleanliness through love and pacifism. One of the most known slogans of hippie: « Make love, not war! », that means: « Distribute love instead of war! ».



Besides external attributes - «fenechek », to culture of hippie the folklore tradition «zamorochek» concerns also. Basically it is songs, verses and "carts", amusing histories from a life of system. One of traditional hippie employment – "ask”, begging. This collecting money from taking place fellow citizens is usual.

Symbolic and culture of hippie have formed a basis for many other things domestic youth subcultures (spoken languages it is ready andreper, for example, are creatively deformed hippie slang).


Made by Nastya Kodina

(Gymnasia №1) 

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